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Sharon O’Mara is hired to return an incredible Toulouse-Lautrec painting to its rightful owners after it was stolen by the Nazis in 1938. Gold bullion and Impressionist paintings are nothing compared to the rumors of billions in hidden World War II treasure and the ‘New Reich’ wants them back.

"Guns and handbags, all the things you need to start a war." What's in those millions of steel containers crossing the oceans and or highways? Sharon O'Mara has to pull out all the stops and reload often to stop the meeting of Eastern and Western evil on San Francisco Bay.

Sharon O’Mara is an investigator for an insurance company sucking the life out of her soul. Rain, miserable Bay Area traffic, a shady developer and a horny environmentalist all point the wrong way to why a man had to die in a BART parking lot. Her job: find the killer.

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