Gregory C. Randall was born in the summer of 1949 in Traverse City, Michigan. His journalism father and homemaker mother moved and moved, always bettering the family's financial condition. In the early 1950's the family found Park Forest, Illinois, where Randall was raised. Always creative, Greg Randall studied architectural and industrial design at Kent State University and completed a B.S. degree in landscape architecture, with honors, at Michigan State University. In the space of a month he graduated, married his college sweetheart, packed up the car and trailer and moved to California, vowing to never to look back.

From 1971 until the present (2017), he has worked as a professional urban and community planner and landscape architect. His work in the Bay Area of California as well as in other regions of the United States involved him with many of the best planned communities in the region. Since 1993 he has served as principal and president of Randall Planning & Design, Inc. in Walnut Creek, California, a landscape and urban planning firm that specializes in large-scale master planned residential communities.

He is still married to his sweetheart, now for over forty-five years, and together they have started numerous businesses, written four books on the gardens of England and Scotland, sit on non-profit boards, and been involved in national business associations. They are owners of the Windsor Hill Publishing Company located in Walnut Creek, California. Mr. Randall has had a lifelong interest in the history of planned communities in the United States and Great Britain.

He has writen five volumes of the continuing saga of Sharon O'Mara called The Chronicles, Book Five, Diamonds For Death was released in January, 2015. Each tells an important and exciting chapter of Sharon's life as she moves from soldier to citizen. She has battled and vanquished, evil developers, Chinese Tongs, Mexican Cartels, the newest version of 20th Century Nazis, and now Middle Eastern thugs. Look for the next book in the series later in 2017. He is also the author of the Tony Alfano Thrillers, stories of a Chicago police detective in 1933. These are Chicago Swing and Chicago Jazz, look for a new book this year.

Mr. Randall has written historical novels and non-fiction books on the history of American City planning. Look for more information elsewhere in this web site.